Symbion & Boardplace Webinar: Good Governance in a Growth Company

Webinar for Symbion members: 29 November 2022, 9.00 – 9.45.

Being in a growth company can mean agile and short decisions making processes. But when you need to raise your next funding round or get a new board member it is important to have structure and processes in place.

Boardplace develop and market software for good governance in a board room and is in daily dialog with board members. A common theme for a lot of the dialogs is a missing or outdated “rules of procedure”.

Lexly is a modern platform where companies can get access to more than 150 legal experts within Danish company law. In an easy and convenient way companies can get advice or created vital corporate documents.

In this webinar Lexly and Boardplace will present their solutions regarding rules of procedures and contracts for board members.

  • What is good governance?
  • Do and Don’ts when writing on “Rules of procedure” and contracts for board members
  • How do you make it work in your board room
  • What happens when you don’t consider your “rules of procedure”?
  • Open for questions

We hope to see you!

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