LegalHero is coming to the UK

What is LegalHero?

LegalHero was founded in Copenhagen in 2016. The ambition was to built a platform that connected SME’s with lawyers through a traditional marketplace.

Over time, that marketplace has evolved into one of the leading platforms for lawyers and SME’s in the Nordics, with an increased focus on building tools that allows for a better collaboration between lawyers and their clients.

With an increased focus on what’s going on after we’ve found the right match between lawyer and customer, we’ve increased our focus more on building an infrastructure that empowers legal professionals, allowing them to focus on doing legal work instead of all the tedious tasks that do not create value for their customers.

Another marketplace?

We know. The legal market is flooded with RFQ-platforms. But we’re not like the others. We try hard to be more than a referral service by focusing on the entire value chain for our suppliers. That makes LegalHero a one-stop-shop for both clients and lawyers.

For example, we are dedicating a lot of ressources into the automation of administrative tasks such as client intake, AML & GDPR-compliance, payment infrastructure, and invoicing & billing. In this way, LegalHero helps lawyers focus entirely on the subject matter of their counseling.

Furthermore, we aim to assemble a platform consisting of the best solo-practitioners. In this way clients can expect only the highest quality legal services, which benefits all stakeholders on the platform.

We are looking for lawyers 👀

LegalHero is now expanding the platform to the UK, allowing a small group of 15 UK-based lawyers access to the platform in our initial setup in the UK-market.

We are currently looking for lawyers who are:

  • Working independently or as part of a smaller firm.
  • Works with one of the following practice areas: HR & Employment, Commercial Contracts, Business Law.
  • Has an entrepreneurial spirit and wants to help shape the future of the legal market together with us at LegalHero.
  • Is tech-savvy and confident in working with clients remotely.

What we offer:

  • Unlimited access to the LegalHero platform: Run your practice entirely on the LegalHero platform with features such as payment infrastructure, case management, and much more.
  • Unlimited access to cases and clients: We connect lawyers with interesting clients – most of whom become long-term relationships.
  • Marketing and brand building: By joining LegalHero you automatically get access to our brand-building features, which helps you grow your practice from day one.

Sign up today

If you think LegalHero sounds like a good proposition for you and your law practice, we want you to reach out by contacting our Co-CEO, Kristian Anker:

+45 4124 5025